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Start-up Doc

In order to enhance the learning experience it's important that you as an individual think about your personal ambitions and think about strategies to achieve them. We will be using the Deming Cycle as a tool and add reflection to it. 

Start-up phase:

  • what is your strength and what resources do you possess?
  • what do you possess that you can take a gamble with?
  • what experiences and setbacks have made you stronger?
  • who are your partners right now and who could be your partners?
  • What is your ambition with respect to:
    • individual development;
    • co-working skills;
    • entrepreneurial skills;
    • business development;
    • economic, social and environmental impact of your business?
  • What role do you foresee for yourself within your future business?
  • What will you do to achieve these ambitions?
Final phase:

  • Have you achieved your ambitions?
  • Why? Why not?
  • How will you adjust your strategy and action to achieve your goals?